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Professional artist Chris Smith has over ten years experience delivering high quality custom pet portaits to their favorite humans and transforming the infinite daydreamed possibility of your custom painting concept into your very own personalized reality.

A top performing graduate of art and design school "JCCC" of Johnston county North Carolina, Chris has since focused on creating unique, personalized pieces of art that capture the essence of customer's favorite memories.

Whether it's a portrait of your beloved pet, a custom wall art piece for your home, or a special gift for a loved one, this artist is dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

Chris takes pride in his attention to detail and commitment to quality by using only the finest materials and techniques to ensure that each painting is a true work of art. Chris believes that everyone deserves to have a piece of art that is as unique as they are, and is honored to be a part of bringing that vision to life for his clients - most of whom had no idea how simple or affordable high quality custom piantings could be until now!


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